Monday, March 7, 2011

All The Hos Lined Up In Rows and One On the Floh

Well this is good news! First of all, filming has begun on the second season of Beverly Hills. Secondly, everyone is coming back, including Kim and Cameel. Stretch will be there flashing her newly deflated lips and who knows? Maybe we'll get some Charlie Sheen since he's right down the road from Ad! I don't know how I feel about Kim coming back. I hope she had some time to adjust to having an aggressive bitch for a sister on TV as well as real life, and I highly recommend that you read House of Hilton before the next season starts, even if you have to hide it in a brown paper cover so no one knows you're reading it.

Secondly, one of my little birdies told me that Tamra got Roofied by a 'fan' and fell to the ground in the ladies' bathroom. Why would anyone do that to Tammy Sue? Who could do such a thing???

Oops, wrong drink!

Maybe she was giving off so much heat from being so HOT and all that the poor person couldn't take it anymore and simply HAD to have her. Here's hoping that she fell face first and her funbags cushioned the fall. If anyone can find video, I'm paying top dollar for it. I am ready to give you exactly what it's worth, so how's some Top Ramen and a gently used stoner cuff?

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