Monday, October 4, 2010

Cigar Guy Is Everyone. Cigar Guy Is YOU

Maybe you heard that Tiger hit a shot at this weekend's Ryder Cup that hit a photographer for The Daily Fail. The guy got the perfect shot of the golf ball coming right at his face. Heroic, I tell you, and not the first time Tiger has unexpectedly launched balls at anyone.
I know. Don't beat me.
Anyhoo, look at the goof with the cigar. As you can guess, someone got a hold of photoshop and the results are a Reddit sensation.

Sadly, cigar dude couldn't save Tiger and the U.S. lost to Europe by one stinking point. Cheaters.

And yes, everyone and their whore of a mother has posted this, along with their own version of the ball joke. If anyone asks, I thought of mine first.

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