Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Drag Race Promo Video

I am soooo excited for this show to start. At the very least it will be drama times ten thousand. I have missed drag for so long. I moved back to Ohio from New York 15 years ago (holy crap, it's been that long?!) and only caught a couple of shows here and there, including the GREAT Lady Bunny performing here in Cleveland 5 years ago. One of her best shows ever. I think I was the only girl there, it was a gay club, natch.
Drag has been out of the spotlight for too long and I hope that this show helps to put it back on the map. I want to see Drag Race cycle 15 hit the airwaves before I turn 50. And wigs falling off, rivers of running mascara, sky high heels and Diva behaviour, and I want it now!!!
I will be recapping the show for Tvgasm starting next week and the show premieres Monday, February 2nd. Set your Tivos, people!
<a href="" target="_blank">RuPaul's Drag Race Supertease</a>

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