Monday, December 19, 2011

My Tree

For the third year in a row, we have done an Asian themed Christmas tree. Finally this year we have found enough decorations so that it doesn't look half decorated. The strings of plastic firecrackers were the best find of all because they filled the tree up so nicely and gave it a more cohesive feel. Thank goodness for World Market, which is also where I found this cute golden Buddha-
More decorations after the jump.

More gold, this time in the form of a fortune cookie-
My friend Mark brought this little guy back from Thailand. Unfortunately, the trip heralded the sad ending of his long term relationship, yet he was happy to report that his trip was still a great success with many happy endings. Such an optimist, that Mark!
I even found one in sequins!

I just love this little doll's expression. Her mouth is a heart, so cute!
Seeing as I am a dragon and the next year is the year of the dragon, well, you gots to have dragons!
You also have to have an elephant. They are highly respected animals in Asia, if not our own country, at least not the Rick Perry kind. And, look! It has a little bell. Perfect for ringing every time he says something homophobic, only I'd have to do it so much it would drive my dogs crazy.
Last but not least, the lotus flower on the top. I'm not going to tell you what that represents. You're adults. You can figure it out.

Ta-dah! Now, what kind of tree do YOU have?

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