Thursday, December 29, 2011

Epic Meal Time For Your New Year's Drunch

It is almost that time again, folks. New Year's Eve- to drink or not to drink? To party with no worries or to party while respecting all those hangover prevention tips that are flooding every damn website right now. I plan on drinking a bottle of wine or two, acting a fool at home with my husband and chowing down on some kind of pork, preferably with bones and fat. The next morning? Who knows. It depends on my hangover level. I may just have to hair of the dog it. Also, I have not gone out on New Years in ages. Why? Because I do not wish to get a DUI or get killed by some asshole who is too cheap to get a hotel room or a cab.

All of that aside, this is just some next level shit. Just don't watch it if you have a stomach ache.

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