Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kartrashian SNL Skit

Please let this mark the end of their rein of terror on the E! network. Such losers! And I blame every single one of you that watch this trite glorification of superficial fame grabbing and phony familial homey-ness. 

Remember, this is a girl that is not only famous for getting peed on, but she stole six figures from Ray J's own Mother. And that voice! It is so bland, so devoid of anything remotely resembling character or personality that it makes me want to stick knitting needles into my ears! Oh, and let's not forget that their so-called collections of perfumes, handbags and clothing are complete rip-offs of other designers. They all suck, and this is the first and last post I will ever do about these leeches on society, which I wouldn't have done in the first place if Kristen Wiig wasn't such a genius.

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