Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Real Golddiggers of Aging Badly

Bravo has a preview up for the new season of OC, and can I just say how terrible Tamra's face looks? She was ten times cuter when she first signed on to the show four years ago. Is it the tanning, the weight loss, or what (sniffables)? Her skin has the look of old parchment that's been left in a desert cave for too long, and her lips look like earthworms that you find dead on the sidewalk in the Summer, having been toasted by that big yellow orb in the sky. Plus, she shoves Jeana which means I will be cracking her over the skull with words. 

These bitches, the ORIGINAL bitches, I might add, are looking haggard as hell. The new lesbian is hot, though. I think I'll just watch for her. I would much rather watch cute girls go at it, than one more season of Mallard Mouth trying to convince us that Jimbo is hot. Dude is getting more shifty eyed and less attractive than a stuffed walrus, if that's even possible.

And tonight is going to be EPIC. Some drinking games were suggested on FB, but I need to be up and at 'em the following morning, so you guys drink for me. Just put a spit screen in front of the TV.

Series starts March 6th. Oh, and Tamra's nipple after the jump. Some keen eyed Gawker reader grabbed it.

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