Friday, December 17, 2010

Office Party- Sober or Drunk?

Quite a conundrum for a gal like me.

I am a dutiful wifey and have offered my services in the preparation of dee-lish hors d'ouevres, the recipes of which I guard with some secrecy.

I don't know too many people from Mr. McSlore's place of work, but I assume this evening will look something like this, including the olde timey outfits. This is Ohio, after all. Everyone still shops at Montgomery Wards.

I'll probably get bored and end up in the corner with a lampshade on my head, living the dream as the frenetic and frozen midwestern version of Crazy Eyes.

Have fun at yours, and don't accidentally fall into the boss's lap face first!

Of course, if you have done so in the past, DO TELL below.

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