Monday, August 30, 2010

Haters And Ugly Kids

Do you see that link at the top of the page? The one that says 'Next Blog?' I hit it a bunch of times today and surfed blogs that I would never, ever bother with otherwise. First up- an unfunny comedian (no names) who had links to all his internet pissings, each one less interesting than the last.
Then, people that only post pictures of their family members and feel compelled to write things like, "younger grandchild splashing too much in pool." Jesus Crimany, get a Flickr page and call it a day!

Then, three blogs in a row dedicated to fisherman holding up their slimy catch, smiling like they bagged a barracuda instead of a trout. Finally, I lost it when there were three (again!) blogs opining the totally rad lifestyle of the surfer. Out of all these people, these crumb bums were the biggest douchebags. No one else came CLOSE.

One guy, let's call him Sharkfood, tried and failed to seem oh-so cool by informing the world that he was leaving soon to shred in Bali. That's right, SharkChum is leaving his condo in Cali, storing his subaru and leaving these boring environs to be a man and live by his wits (and Daddy's credit card), thereby staving off becoming predictable and boring, a fate worse than death, I tell you!

One thing all these assholes have in common- their outspoken hatred of golf, as if telling the reader "I hate golf!" you gain some kind of instant anti-middle class credibility. Lazy, that's all it is. For all the macho outdoorsyness, it just smacks of lazy thinking.

I know! Post a picture of an E.R. doctor pulling Tiger Shark teeth out of what's left of your thigh. THEN I might believe you're an anti-establishment thrill seeker worth his weight in sex wax.


shanti said...

Oooo, someone landed in the rough today, no? I always try to emulate surfers and Real Housewives. The wisdom available to us average Joe's is simply endless.

(my captcha is splopiti - sounds like the noise Danielle Staub's panties make when they hit the tile floor)

twunty mcslore said...

splopiti. sounds like an 80s hair band with skanky groupies, at least I prefer to think of it that way. Danielle's panties would probably render me unconscious, like chloroform. Ugggghhh!!!